Pumpkin Layer Kueh by Janice Looi

(A) 400ml water
400ml coconut milk
90g sugar
5pcs pandan leaves (wash n tie into knots)

(B) white layer
95g rice flour
60g tapioca starch

(C) pumpkin layer
95g rice flour
60g tapioca starch
100g pumpkin puree (steam n mashed)

1. Bring (A) to a small boil till sugar dissolve with small bubbles. Set aside to cool.
2. Divide the coconut mixture into 2 equal portion and add (B) to combined well, then sieve thru a strainer.
3.Another portion add (C) and blend into smooth batter and sieve (I din blend)
4. Apply a thin layer of oil on your 6 inch tin, and pour about 100g each or if u want thicker, u can add more (I din follow exactly, I juz pour 2 & half scoops for each col) and steam on high for 4 mins
5. Repeat the process, with the coloured first and end with the coloured, and steam for about 12mins for the last layers.
6. Cool for about 3 hours before u cut with an oiled knife.

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