~Pork floss Roll~•肉鬆麵包卷• by Jo R Zhu

-Bread Dough ingredients-
250g high protien flour
150g milk
1 egg (50g)
1 egg for egg wash
3g instant yeast
50g sugar
1g salt
15g unsalted butter

Other ingredients:-
White Sesame seeds
Cut Spring Onion
Pork/chicken floss
Japanese Mayonese

Add in all dough ingredients into the mixer bowl except butter & salt. Mixed well, add salt & knead till a dough ball before adding in the butter & continue to knead till butter is eaten into the dough. When the dough is smooth & well kneaded, cover & let it proof for about an hour or till it double the size. Once its double the size, remove dough to working table (try to use cooking oil instead of flour if the dough is sticky), give the dough a punch to release air. Use your hand to make it to a dough ball & cover to let it rest for about 10min. Roll the dough ball with rolling pin to flatten out the air & to roll the dough into a rectangular shape with about a "cm" thick. Once rolled out, line a baking paper on a baking tray & place the rectangular dough on it & cover for final proofing about 45-60min. Egg wash the surface on top evenly & carefully, sprinkle white sesame seeds & cut spring onion on top. Preheat oven to 160•c. Bake for about 15-20min. If top browning too fast, cover with aluminium foil or slot another baking tray on top layer to prevent it from burning.

Remove the "cooked" rectangular bread from oven & apply another thin layer of egg wash & leave it to cool before transfering & turning the top with sesame seeds & cut spring onion bread facing down to another baking paper. Slice a few cut on the bread so to make it easy to roll it up later like a Swiss roll cake. Spread a layer of Japanese Mayonese thinly on it & roll the bread up, use the baking paper below to "wrap" it tightly (like Swiss roll cake) & let it sit for about 15-20min before removing the baking paper & cutting it into about 10pcs. Spread both side of the individual cut bread roll with Japanese Mayonese & stick both sides onto pork/chicken floss. Place them nicely on a plate & time to enjoy!

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