Noodles with minced meat in soya sauce by Celeste Lee

Noodles with minced meat in soya sauce which I learned from a Taiwan show last sun.

the ingredient is for a family of 4 :
abt 600grams of minced meat
a clove of garlic (chop it)
a cup soya sauce
sesame oil
oil for frying
spaghetti noodles (the Taiwan show use "Ban mian" noodles)
3 cups of water
Oyster sauce
red chilli (cut)
veg (u can use any green leafy veg)

marinate the minced meat while cooking for the noodles with
a tablespoon of sesame oil
a tablespoon of light soya sauce
1 teaspoon of oyster sauce
a dash of pepper (can be omitted if u are cooking for young kids)

Marinate the meat before cooking the noodles.
boil the noodles till al dente. drained away the hot water & rinse the noodles with cool water for a min. Drained & put aside.

heat the pan & oil, stir fry the garlic till fragrant
put in the marinated minced meat & stir fry till almost cook.
add in the cup of light soya sauce into the minced meat. simmer till fragrant.
add in 3 cup of water. boil & simmer for 5min
add in some sesame oil
a dash of pepper
off fire

While cooking the minced meat, u can boil the veg in another pot till cook.

pour the cooked minced meat with the sauce over the noodles, put in the veg & served with cut red chilli. YUM!
u can also top it with a sunny side up.

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