English muffins by Nancy Kee

 Ingredients ( 8pcs)
Bread flour 250g
Wheat flour 50g
Yeast 4g
Sugar 10g
Salt 3g
Water 200g
Olive oil 2 tsp
Some wheat flour for topping ( put into a plate)

1) Mix flours, yeast, sugar, salt
2) Add water to form a soft dough, follow by olive oil
3) Knead till dough us elastic (abt 15-20min)
4) 1st proofing till 2-2.5times abt 1 hour
5) Deflate & divide into 8 equal portions. Rest 10min
6) Shape each muffin round & place it onto the plate of prepared wheat flour topping. Press down slightly to flatten. Place directly onto a non-stick frying pan or hot plate.
7) 2nd proofing abt 40-50min, covered. 8) Heat up frying pan, medium low flame & pan fry each side for abt 10min or until lightly browned.
8) Cool muffins b4 keeping them in a airtight box. Before serving cut half, spread butter & slightly warm it. Happy trying! Cheers!

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