Steamed egg aka Chawamushi by Shanna Soh

Dear All who are asking where to buy the dashi, mine is homemade using shitake mushroom and homemade chicken stock. I didn't use those ready to use in powdered or ganules form which can be found in japanese supermarket.

This is how I made my chicken shitake mushroom dashi:

1. Clean the dried Japanese shitake mushrooms gills using a brush.
2. Put the mushrooms in a bowl & soak them with warm water until soften. Put a smaller bowl or something on top of the mushrooms so that they stay submerged in the warm water and rehydrate faster.
3. After mushrooms are soften & rehydrated, squeeze them to retain as much soaking water as possible. Sieve this soaking water using a paper filter. This after filter liquid is called shitake dashi.
4. I just add the defrost chicken stock which i freeze earlier and dadan here the chicken shitake dashi...

It so easy and u can add some salt or pepper according to your taste without any msg, additives & preservatives. Why not try to make them ourselves:)

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