Laksa by Leo Mee Moi

Stock ingredients:
150g garlic
200g shallots
2"x2" 2 pc Galangal (more amount more fragrance)
Laksa stems $1 ( buy laksa leaves with stem..those from NTUC/CS no stem) keep the leaves .
Prawn shell n heads of 2kg prawn
*Dried fish(扁鱼干) pcs 100g
Serai I or 2 stalk of 6" lenght (too much will become tom yum soup)
Water 4 ltr
*Some taopok (brown beancurd pockets? sorry what is it call in english?)
Dried shrimp/haebee 300g (blended)
Sambal chili paste(I blend garlic, shallots,dried chillies,galangal and fry together till whole thing is dry n nice)
3 fresh grated coconut.( my girls don't like the taste of pasteurize coconut milk ) I add 300ml water to this and squeezed and get 1200ml coconut milk. (I think I have add too much water. Coconut milk not really thick enough. ) Can substitute this with pasteurize thick coconut milk agak agak/about 1000ml (my agaration)^_^

Stock method:
Brown the garlic n shallots,dried fish pcs add in galangal and serai /lemon grass then add in the prawn shells and heads.
Fry,stir add in laksa stems.Mix well.
Add water.When boiling turn fire small simmer for few hrs. I simmer it for 4 hrs.
Sieve the broth. Remember to press the prawn heads hard coz the creme精华broth always hidden there^_^
Now bring to boil the pot of sieved stock. Add in the blended haebee/dried shrimp and the sambal chili paste. Add to your preference of spiciness.
Simmer for few minutes.
Add in tao pok. Add in the coconut milk. (For me I didn't add any salt or sugar because the stock taste just nice now!no salt or sugar need to be added!Awesome!^_^)
Now the pot of laksa gravy is ready!
Prepare other main garnishing whatever fish cake lah,prawns lah,fish balls lah,tao geh lah ect.

Cook some haebee hiam/dried shrimp sambal paste. Add additional haebee hiam into your bowl of laksa and you will have a perfect bowl oumpgh! laksa
Oh ya! Where are the laksa leaves? Stems made broth liao leaves did you keep them?..Okay you know what to do with them right?😋
Happy cooking!

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