Japanese Soft Boiled Egg by Jo R Zhu‎

Recipe: Egg, Japanese Stock; Japanese Soy Sauce; Mirin (ratio for the 3 liquid is 3:1:1)

Alternatively, can use whatever we have at home, replace stock with just water, use any light & dark soy sauce & white vinegar.

It was said to tab a hole in the egg but I lazy & scare the egg crack so I just wash the egg & bring to boil. Heat up a pot of water to boil (ensure water level cover eggs), put in eggs carefully when water is boiling, turn to medium fire & time for 5min (if u like runny lava eggs), boil for 6-6.5min for a sticky egg yolk like this one in picture.

Prepare a big bowl of cold water with ice. Put in eggs into the cold water immediately after the boiling time & let them sit for 5min. Prepare the sauce mixture in a container that will cover the eggs fully so the colour will be fully coated onto the outer layer of the eggs (best to soak over night or at least 4 hours). 

If ur soy sauce is more salty type, may add some sugar accordingly. May also use those 卤肉包for the mixture but note that the sauce mixture to soak the eggs must be room temperature. Shell the eggs in the cold water. Put them nicely drown into the sauce mixture & place in chiller. Done!

This is really yummy just by eating on it owns! Nice to go with soup noodle. Can do with small Quail eggs too. ENJOY!