Hee Pan (steam bun) by Remz Valde

70 g glutinous rice flour
90 g all purpose flour
40 g caster sugar or 50 f u want very sweet
15 ml cooking oil
1 tsp yeast
50 ml water
80 g mashed cooked pumpkin

1. Combine all Ingredients except oil, mix using chopstick, once form for a soft dough , add in half oil, knead with hands , slowly add In rest of oil , knead just to ensure all ingredients well combine.
2. Divide dough Into 6 pcs, roll Into ball, put Into greased banana leaves, lightly flatten .Oil hands If dough stick.Let rest 30 mins.
3. Steam on boiling hot water for 15 mins.Serve.

Note :
Red bean paste can be also added as fillings.
If u don't want pumkin then omit It just add more water , then add food coloring.
Pandan flavor can also used In this recipe, blend pandan to get pandan juice instead of plain water , add few drop of pandan paste.