Chia Seeds Drink by Ade Li'hm

Gorgeous & Beautiful recipe ... 💕

Ingredients :
- Fresh Aloe Vera
- High Quality Wolberry
- Honey or rock sugar
- Chia seeds

1) Pre-soak 4 Tablespoons chia seeds in 1L of normal temperature water.

2) A huge stalk of fresh Aloe Vera
(Remove the skin & cut aloe vera into cubes.)

3) Boil a pot of water. Add rock sugar according to your preference.

4) At boiling point, add pre-cut fresh aloe vera cubes & wolberry.

Turn OFF the fire.

5) Once cool down, add pre-soak chia seeds. At this point - add honey if u SKIP rock sugar in No. 3.

6) Store in Fridge. Once chilled, serve directly. Serving for 2.

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