Black Carrot Cake by Chrisitine Tan NonyaKueh

Heat wok big fire..
Add 2 tablespoon cooking oil..
Add chai poh 1st the garlic..
Add chopped cube carrot cakes..
Fry fry fry..still with big fire..
Add 1 tsp light soy sauce..
Add 1 tsp oyster sauce..
Add 1 tsp sesame oil..& 1/2 sugar
Add 2 tbspn sweet sauce..and 1/4 tsp pepper ..
Fry fry fry then add 1 egg..fry fry fry
..then add 1/3 cup of water..fry fry for a while. Off fire..heehee..jiak
Ps. My carrot cake is for 1 pax portion ok. If u are cooking for more.. increase ur dosage okie

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