Scones by Michael Lee

(this makes 7 x 7cm rounds)
Group A: Wholemeal flour 50g, Plain flour 114g, Cake flour 56g, baking powder 1 Tbsp, Unsalted butter 80g cut into small cubes, fine sugar 30g, salt 1/2 tsp
Group B: Raisins 40g (I soak in hot water for 15mins to plump it up), Egg yolk n milk mixture 110g (combine 1 eggyolk with enough fresh milk to get 110g)

Mix Group A ingredients either using food processor or use ur hands to rub butter into mixture till u reach course bread crumb texture.
Add Group B into A and knead lightly on floured surface to a thickness of 2cm... use cutter and cut into shapes.
After this I freeze them for 30 min and then bake at 200deg for 15-20min till golden brown.

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