Mushroom with Oyster, Pork Belly & Tau Kee by Linda Lau

Small  Japanese mushroom for braising 150gm ( soak till soft )
Oyster 5 big or 10 small
Pork belly 250-300 gm (remove skin & cut into pcs
Tau kee 1 pk
Garlic 1 clove & mesh

Heat up oil in a pot, add garlic... fried for awhile
Add pork & mushroom, oyster & a pinch of salt... fried for awhile
Add 2 rice bowl of water & braise at medium low heat for an hr...( if not enough water, add a bowl... Check every 15 mins )
After an hr, add tau kee & braise for 1/2 to 45 mins ( if not enough water, add accordingly )
When done, season with salt & a tsp of sugar & 1 tbs dark soya sauce to yr taste

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