No Bake Dark Chocolate Flakey Cheesecake by Sharon Foo

150g Oreo cookies or digestive biscuits crush. (To your preference)
45g butter,melted
80g fine sugar. (It's actually 110g but I prefer to taste the cheese n dark chocolate so I reduce it)
120g whipped cream
150g dark compound chocolate, melted n cooled. (You can use dark chocolate if you dun like the flakey effect)
3 tbsp cocoa powder
250 g cream cheese

1) Mix the Oreo with butter. Then press into a cake tin and refrigerate
2) Whip the whipped cream till soft peaks form then add the cooled melted chocolate , follow by the cocoa powder. Blend well and set aside.
3) Beat the cream cheese with the sugar. Be sure sugar is well beated. Fold into the cream chocolate mixture and ensure all ingredients are fully mix
4) Spread the mixture on top of the crushed Oreo. Refrigerate till it set.

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