Mee Siam & Homemade Rempah by Linda Lau

Mee siam rempah

1) dried chilli 20, if u want hot 30 ( remove seed partially )
2) shallot 10-12pcs
3) lemongrass 1 stalk
4) candlenut 5-6 small one
5) balachan 1cm/ small pc
6) red chilli 5 (deseeded )
7) garlic 5-6 pcs
8) dried shrimp 100 gm

Boil dried chilli till soft...
Blend ingredients 1-7 till paste form & put aside
Blend dried shrimp & put aside
Heat up a wok, put oil & fried the rempah paste till fragrant...on low heat
Add sugar & pinch of salt
Add in the dried shrimp, add more oil to fry till fragrant... Done
Put aside

Mee siam soup 5-6 serving

1) rempah about 1/2 portion or slightly less
2) tamarind 300 -400gm, mix with 500-600 mls of water & remove all seed
3) add 4-5 tbs of tau cheo or salted soyabean paste
4) sugar 5-6 tbs ( depend on u )
5) 1/2 pk of grinded peanut ( not the powder kind ) or u may buy peanut to grind 50gm
6) small tau pok x10 pcs ( cut into small cube
7) fresh coconut 100gm or kara 50 mls ( prefer fresh coconut )


Put abit of oil into the pot, add rempah & fried for awhile
Add 1.5 litres of water & 500mls of tamarind (assam) water
Add tau cheo, sugar & tau pok
Bring to boil for 15-20 mins
Add peanut & lastly add coconut
Once it boil, the mee siam soup is ready

Adjust the taste according to yr liking, if not sour, add assam water...
If not salty, add tau cheo
If not sweet, add sugar

Fried 1 pk of bee hoon with half of the rempah paste left with prawn water
Add 1-2 tbs of tau cheo

For topping
1) egg
2) prawn
3)tau kua
4)bean sprout
5)small lime
6) gu chai

All no 1-6, the amount depend on u.
Remember to keep some chilli paste when serving if it is not spicy enough

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