Mala Pot by Angela Low Gek Luan

Ingredient A:
花椒 1TBSP
4 TBSP water
Cook both till e ma taste come out...

Ingredient B:
3 pcs 八角
1 stick 桂皮
1Tsp 花椒
8 pcs 丁香
2 pcs 桂皮叶
2pcs 白豆寇
3 TBSP of oil to fried all e above ingredient till fragrant soak it in e oil 1st.
Prepared Fresh Ingredient that U love to eat.
Eg, Seafood, pork, chicken, luncheon meat, some greens, Potato Glass Noodles, all poach with Hot water till cook left it aside so that its more easy to cook.

Ingredient C:
1 Garlic in slice
Few thin slice of Ginger
1 Onion cut.
1 handful of dried chilli
10 chilli padi
Use Only e oil from ingredient B to fried all this ingredient till fragrant add in
1 TBSP of 麻辣火锅酱
1 TBSP of 四川豆板酱
1TBSP of 海鲜酱
1 TBSP of 老干妈
1TBSP of 花雕酒

 add in only e water from ingredient A than add in all e pre-cooked fresh ingredient stir fried till all mixed well than add in 1 more Tbsp of 花雕酒。
Serve Hot, Enjoy

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