Lobster Thermidor by Cassandra Chee

A creamy mixture of lobster meat, mushrooms, shallots and white wine stuffed into lobster shell before browning with a gruyere cheese crust in the oven. You don't need a special occasion for Lobster Thermidor. Let me share how you can prepare this crustacean delicacy at home!

My excitement was contained in a cooler box that arrived with a friendly, smiley GoFresh delivery guy. And, I can hear squeaky sound coming from the box! 

Pardon me for my culinary desire.
Look at this beautiful USA Live Maine Lobster.

Freeze your live lobster and thaw in the chiller until ready to cook.

Start with preparing a creamy sauce for the lobster meat filling.
Using a non-stick pan, melt 50 gm of unsalted butter. Add 1 tbsp of plain flour and stir well. It will formed a paste. Gradually add 100ml of cooking cream and add 2 tbsp of white wine if you prefer. Stir until smooth. The sauce should be runny and will thicken as it cools down. Cover and set aside.

Here's the preparation of the lobster.

Remove the claw and walking legs by twisting it away from the body. 

Using a pair of scissor, cut around the shell around its belly and peel it off.

Remove the flesh.

Discard the head part and tomalley (greenish part).
Bake your lobster shell at 180 degrees until it turns pink completely.

Crack the claw with the back of your knife and remove the flesh.

Slice into bite size.

Fry one shallot with 50gm of butter until it turns transparent before adding the mushrooms.

Fry until the mushroom slices turned soft.

Add lobster meat and season with a small amount of paprika, salt and pepper to taste.

When lobster meat turned opaque, switch off the fire. Add the creamy sauce and stir well.

Spoon the lobster meat into the shell.

Top with grated gruyere cheese.

Baked at 180 degrees until cheese turned golden brown.
Garnish with parsley flakes. Serve warm.

Dipped into this lobster thermidor!

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