Chicken Rice by Boone Wong

Boil Chicken
1. Water (you may add a bunch spring onion uncut, salt)
2. Boil the water in a pot with water amount enough to cover the whole chicken.
3. When water is boiled, put in the chicken and set to high flame
4. When water is re-boiling with the chicken inside, switch to really low flame, maintain below boiling point, so you won't see water bubbling so much.. a little is still ok)
5. boil chicken in this state for 40min or so.. depending on size of chicken and pot/water)
6. Remove chicken from pot

  • Soak boiled chicken in pot of icy water lime water for 30 to 45 mins
  • Soak in icy water is to stop the cooking process and make the chicken meat more tender and prevent the chicken juice from flowing out
  • Cut plenty of lime, squeeze the lime and throw in the lime in the icy water. Purpose is to make the skin more tender and qq
  • Once boiled is cooked and cooled in icy water.. is ready to by serve.. chop it up and serve

Pound 10 cloves and two thumb size of ginger
using some chicken oil or cooking oil to fry the pounded garlic and ginger until is dry
add one chicken cube to the mix and continue frying till the mix is very fragrant.
Now you may add this mix to the rice in the rice pot or just stream the rice with normal amount of water. For water, use the broth. Add some chicken oil to it for added fragrant. Add about 10 blade of pandan leaves to cook the rice

You may simply use light soya sauce and sesame oil. or if you prefer lighter sauce, add water to the above and some oyster sauce and sugar and heat it up in a pan.

Add plenty of spring onion, in long strips an coriander leaves on the chicken. You may also add fried garlic (from the fried garlic oil) to the garnish.

You may chop some cabbage and also add cut tofu cubes to the soup. Add white pepper to taste. A little salted veg is optional