Baked Salted Fish Bun 咸鱼烧包 by Lim Su Wen

Pastry skin recipe from:

Filling recipe (pan fried salted fish bun) from:

I tried the pan fried version salted fish bun recipe but I didn't like the pastry skin. Therefore I combined both salted fish bun recipe and roasted bun recipe into one. I would say the filling is much more depending on your personal preference. I just trial and error tried it with salted fish filling instead of the usual char siew filling. Some may find it weird because they are too used to the standard roasted bun taste. Salted fish filling is a little dry, not as juicy as char siew filling.

English translate for pastry skin recipe:
Recipe for 12 buns

Water dough ingredient:
Plain flour 200g
Cooking oil 50g
Caster sugar 15g
Water 90ml

Oil dough ingredient:
Low gluten flour (I use cake flour) 100g
Butter (I use unsalted version) 70g
Roasted bun filling ingredient: (as mentioned earlier I didn't follow this)
Minced pork 300g
Oyster sauce 2 tbsp
Spice powder 1 tsp
Soy sauce 1 tsp
Char siew sauce 1tbsp
Dark soy sauce
Green bean 1/2 bowl
Corn starch

1. Cook all filling ingredient and set aside
2. Mix all water dough ingredient until smooth
3. Mix all oil dough ingredient until smooth
4. Keep both into a box and leave them in fridge for 30 mins
5. Divide both water dough and oil dough separately into 12 smaller dough each type.
6. Flatten water dough and place 1 oil dough into it. See picture for instruction.
7. Flatten this water dough + oil dough mixture. Roll it up and flatten it again. See picture for instruction.
8. Pour in the filling (I pour in 2 tbsp of filling in each of them).
9. Bake 20 mins at 180 degC.
10. Brush thin layer of egg mixture (egg yolk and white) on the roasted bun.
11. Sprinkle sesame and continue to bake another 20 mins until the pastry turn brown
Note: Baking time in step 11 vary with different ovens.

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