Steamed Minced Meat Patty over Rice by Michelle Heng

Ingredients (serve 1)
Cooked rice
Minced meat with 1 diced mushroom (everything mixed with 1 tbsp soy)
1 sliced of salted fish
1 egg

1 tbsp oyster sauce
1/2 tbsp soy sauce
1 tbsp shao xing wine

1. Put rice in a bowl.
2. Put minced meat on top of rice.
3. Tuck the piece of salted fish into minced meat, you may like to dice it and mix into meat but I prefer mine whole.
4. Steam on high heat for 15 min.
5. Pour seasoning onto meat (which will flow over to the rice, but that's ok) then pour the egg onto the cooked patty.
6. Steam a further 3-5 min depending on how cooked you want your egg to be.
7. Sprinkle fried shallot and spring onion and serve hot.
8. Bon appetit!

1. The rice...can use overnight rice or the rice which is just cooked.
2. Can also steam the rice to about almost 90% doneness before proceeding with step 2 above.