Rainbow Cupcakes by Jenny Lim

1) 200gm Self Raising Flour (sifted)
2) 170gm Caster Sugar
3) 200gm Butter (melted soft)
4) 4 Large Eggs (60gm) *beaten
5) 2 teaspoon Vanilla Essence
1) Pre heat oven to 170 degrees Celsius.
2) Lightly grease a loaf pan (9” x 4” x 3”) at the bottom and sides. Line bottom with baking paper.
3) Cream butter on low speed till light.
4) Add sugar and continue to beat till just incorporated (less than 10mins)
5) Beat eggs and add slowly into batter from the side of the bowl.
6) Add vanilla essence.
7) Add 2/3 flour into batter and mix on low speed for no more than 10minutes.
8) Scrape down sides of bowl occasionally to ensure flour is thoroughly mixed.
9) Fold in remaining 1/3 flour by hand till just combined.
10) Pour batter into pan and bake in oven on middle rack for 35mins (or till a inserted skewer comes clean

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