Odeh Odeh by Sim Jenny

The recipe can make around -56 Odeh Odeh .

Glutinous rice flour -600g
Mash potato powder-2table spoon
Water - around 1 cup
Green coloring
Chop gula Melaka (filling)
1) mixed flour n potato powder together
2) slowly add water n mixed with hand , till powder stick together , add colouring . Mixed till flour don't stick on hand and is done
3) boil water with Pandan leaves
4) take a spoonful of dough and make it like a ball , press n put in gula Melaka , make it like a small ball and put into boiling water .
5) turn to small fire , after the dough float up and is cook
6) grated coconut , add in a little salt mixed well and steam for 10mins .
7) when the dough float up from water , take it out and roll it in the coconut , cover with coconut and it done .