Mala Steamboat by Michelle Lee SovannRoth

For the sauce
1 pack of Mala steamboat Paste
2 dashes of Thai Spicy Shrimp (not necessary)

Salt and Soya Sauce (as per own preferences)
10 pcs of Dried Chilli
Cooking oil n Sesame Oil (jus enough to cover wok base)


1/2 pkt Black Fungus (small - more soft)
4pcs Vermicelli (tanghoon)
1/2 pkt Golden Mushrooms
1/2 pkt Abalone Mushrooms
1/2 pkt King Abalone Mushrooms
1/2 pkt Fresh Bamboo Shoots
1/2 pkt Meatballs
4pcs Hotdogs
1/2 pkt Pork Skin
1/2 pkt Pork belly
1/2 pkt Collar Pork
1/2 pkt Xiao Bai Cai
1/2 pkt Chinese Spinach (bo cai)
1/2 pkt Wongbok


Heat Cooking oil n sesame oil
Sautéed Dried Chilli
Add Paste
Add all meats n meats ingredients , add soya sauce, stir fry till 3/4 cooked.
Add all mushrooms n pork skin n black fungus.
Add all veg.
Add salt n soya sauce.
When almost done , Add vermicelli.
Keep stir n stir for another 5-10mins for vermicelli to absorb the sauce.

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