Kentucky Fried Mushrooms by Michelle Heng

2 pkts king oyster mushrooms
100g kentucky flour
1 egg (beaten)
Oil (for deep frying)

1. Wash and pat dry the mushrooms.
2. Cut and save mushroom caps for other dishes.
3. Cut mushrooms lengthwise into thick strips/chunks/cubes, according to one's preference.
4. Dip mushrooms into egg then dredge in flour, set aside for 1/2 hr.
5. Just before deep frying, sprinkle some flour onto the mushrooms.
6. Deep fry till golden brown and drain on kitchen towel before serving.
7. Serve hot and bon appetit!

1. Do not add water as stated on the back of the Kentucky flour packet, as mushrooms already contain water and will ooze them out during the 'resting' period.
2. Must eat the dish while its hot cos crispiness will deteriorate over time as mushrooms contain moisture.

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