Hyderabad Briyani by Cynthia Joseph Selvarajoo‎

1kg briyani rice
1 can carnation milk
3 pandan leaves
6 tbsp Ginger garlic paste
15 Small onions (cut small pieces)
Corinder leaves(chopped)
2 cinnamon stick
1 tomato (cut into small pieces)
2 tbsp briyani powder
3 tbsp ghee
2 tbsp raisins.
5 green chillie padi
Curry leaves
1 Serai
3 tsp salt

Method to Cook;
Soak the 1kg rice with water for half an hour.
In the wok...put the ghee. Once it's hot fry the raisins and set aside.
With the balance ghee put the cinnamon, curry leaves, pandan leaves, Serai, onions, chillies and tomatoes
Stir them well till onions turn golden brown. Then put in the ginger and garlic paste. Stir for 5 mins.
Then pour in the half can of carnation milk and salt.
Then put the soaked washed rice and stir well for 10 mins.
Then remove and transfer everything in a rice cooker. And add enough water and cook the rice.
Garnish with fried raisins.
This rice can be eaten with mutton/ chicken curry along with cucumber achar and papadam.