Hokkien Mee by Aly Ang

Ingredients (for 5-6 pax)

1/2kg prawns
2 large sotongs
1 pkt Laksa thick beehoon
1 pkt Hokkien Yellow Mee
1 pkt lard
$1 beansprouts
6 Duck Eggs
knob of old ginger
Fish sauce
Rock Sugar

Stock Prep
1. Fry lard in wok, medium heat
2. Take out lard and oil, leave a little oil
3. Saute ginger, put in prawn heads
4. Add water, simmer, add rock sugar

1. Add oil, add garlic, beaten eggs
2. Add mee, beehoon, bean sprouts, high heat, add fish sauce
3. Stir Fry till fragrant
4. Lower heat, add stock, prawns, sotong
5. Cover, simmer 2-3 mins, depend on portion
6. Serve.

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