Grilled Lamb with Asparagus, Potatoes & Tomato by Melanie Chew

Marinade frenched lamb shoulder with marinade as shown below overnight with honey mustard, rice wine and a drop of balsamic vinegar.
(Both marinade and lamb can be bought from Foodie Market Place) *note that lamb shoulder is better value for money than lamb rack n just as delish)


The doneness of the lamb is impt.
Use this method as a rough gauge, press the fleshiest part of your palm, that's raw. Then clench ur fist n press again, that's well done. Wat u want is somewhere in between.

For asparagus and tomatoes, drizzle generously with evoo, sea salt n black pepper. The secret to fluffy, fragrant and yet crispy is the use of goose fat. Trust me... It makes a difference... A lot of difference. Again sea salt n black pepper.