Braised Mushroom by Linda Lau

1) japanese mushroom 100gm
2) pork belly 250-300 gm ( cut in small pcs )
3) small dried oyster x 8
4) 3-4 pcs of finely chopped garlic
5) chicken cube x1
6) sugar 1 teaspoon

1) put oil in a pot or wok, add garlic & fried...
2) add the pork belly, fried awhile
3) add mushroom, fried awhile, add a cup of water
4) add a chicken cube, sugar, a pinch of salt
5) add water to cover the mushroom
6) braise for 11/2-2 hrs,
Constantly stir & add water if drying
When done, should have some gravy togather with the mushroom...
Can consume

Pls note:-
Buy small japanese mushroom, bite size...
Do not throw away the pork belly skin...