Baked Rice by Katherine Lee

Ingredients:- 3-4 servings
Rice 3 cups ...
Water 3 cups
Broccoli - chopped into small pcs
Ham - cut into small pcs
Sweet corn
Chicken breast meat - season with some oyster sauce, light soya sauce, sesame oil n pepper
Campbell's Mushroom Potage 1 can plus 1/2 can water n mix well
Shredded cheddar cheese

1) season (B) overnight
2) cook ingredients (A) n (B) in rice cooker 3) mix well (2) n scoop into ramekins/baking tray.
4) top up with some mushroom soup n shredded cheese
5) bake in oven at 180 degree for around 10-15 mins
6) enjoy your baked rice

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