Mango Sago Pomelo 杨枝甘露 by Janice Looi

Christmas Strawberry Shortcake by Sheryl Lim

Berrylicious Pancakes by Clarine Lin

Thai Mango Salad by Janet Liew

Pulut Inti / Thai mango glutinous rice pudding by Jensie Tan

Snow fungus with pear by Alicia Huang

Steamed fruit cake by Cassandra Poh

Strawberry Shortcake by Susan Kwek

Passionfruit & Durian macarons by Wendy Chua

Wine enzyme by Jensie Tan

Goreng pisang by Lena Lai

Cough Remedy by Connie Ng

Mango Lassi by Pris Wang

Puffy Banana Fritters by Esther Tho

Lemon orange cake by Jeannie Lee

Steamed Banana Cake by Soh Siew Hwa

Steamed Banana cake by Wendy Ang

Banana cake by Lena Lai

Detox n cooling dessert by Shen Cui Ling

Double boiled pear (ya li) with north south almonds n white fungus by Shen Cui Ling