'Shi-Lin' Orh-ah Mee Sua by Sally Quek‎

Taiwan Oh Ah Mee Sua by Florence Neo

Pumpkin Cuttlefish Balls by Florence Neo

Crayfish with Pumpkin Sauce by Florence Neo

Deep fried seafood tofu by Cassandra Chee

Rempeyek by Kelly Ng

Airfried Cuttlefish Paste on Toast by Michelle Heng

Braised wings with mushroom and sea cucumber by Rontree Chan

Jumbo Prawn & Scallop Porridge by Camilla Teo

Flower clams by Kelly Pang

Chilli Clams by Lily Teo

Braised fish maws with mushrooms and scallops by Margaret Goh

Ikan bilis with peanut by Janice Looi

Clam with Corn Chowder by Song Young/

Airfried Fresh Clams in Japanese sake wine by Jennifer Lu

Mango Seafood Roll by Florence Neo

生面 by Patrick Cheo

Spicy assam seafood by Jennifer Lu‎

Cuttlefish kang kong by Angelin Goh‎

Sambal prawn and squid with Firm Tofu & Long BeanI by Anna Tan