Baked chilli Stingray by Jeannie Lee

Sweet & Sour Fish 酸甜老鼠斑 by Helga Soo

Otah by Lynn Jolynn

Sea Bass in Three Flavours by Masneah Masrupi

Steamed Sea bass and top with lime, garlic and coriander sauce by Anna Teo

Toman fillet with scallion by Anna Teo

Stir fried sambal belacan salmon with bean sprouts by Emy Lee

Salmon meatball porridge by Xiujuan Peh

Tomyum Fish by Healing Mama

Steam Thai fish by Lisa Tan‎

Fish & Chips by Amelia Renee Lim

Fried tau kee with fish paste and prawns by Alice Pang

Poached Salmon in Thai Red Curry by Shar Kay‎

BM fish floss by Ah Bee Flanders

Black Pomfret with Garlic Dark Sauce by Pauline Tan

Salmon fish head curry by Jade Oh

Steamed Tilapia with Homemade Sauce by Alice Yap

Steamed Cod Fish (Hong Kong Style) by Chan Lai Ying

Teochew Half-Fried CookThreadfin ~ 潮式半煎煮午鱼 by Irynne Ng

Salmon with couscous salad by Angela Seah Thulin