Steamed Cod fish with fried ginger/Steamed white pomfret with sweet radish/Salmon Egg Roll by Rontree Chan

Teochew Fish Head Hotpot by Anna Tan

Lemon fish by Jennie Grace Eu

Crispy english style fish and chips by Roxana Ng

Home-made otah by Christina Kwan

Baked Ritz Cracker Halibut Fillet by Michelle Heng

Tofu Fish Cake by Alice Yap

Meatball Fish Cakes by Jensie Tan

Pan fried Cod Fish, Hkg style by Teresa Theng

Prawn n fish paste Fuchuk (Beancurd Skin in Cantonese) by Lena Lai

Mee hoon kueh & Fu chuk fish paste by Lena Lai

Sweet & Sour Fish Fillet by Jo R Zhu

Sambal Fish by MickeyPiggy VT Teo

Fried fish with crispy topping by MickeyPiggy VTeo

Otah by David Lim

Oven grilled teriyaki salmon by Joyce Ng‎

Tod mun pla, Thai fish cakes by Lena Lai

Aglio Olio & Baked Salmon with Lemon Parsley Sauce by Joyce Ng/Shen Cui Ling

Caramelized Threadfin Slices by Florence Neo

Parchment Paper Baked Salmon by Alvin Jessica Ling