Golden pineapple balls by Jeannie Lee

Rosy Pineapple Cheese Tarts by Esther Tho

Kok-chai or mini peanut puff by Lucinda Lau

Quiche by Fion Lee

Assembled fruit tarts by Teresa Theng

Rose Apple Pie by Jade Oh

Indian curry puff (karipap bai) by Victoria Moon Kua

Marshmallow lemon tart by Cassandra Chee

Rose Tart by Ong Poon Yin

Mini Cheese Tarts by Chin Chin Chan

Egg Tarts by Wendy Lee

Airfried Mini Mushroom Pie by Anna Tan

Portuguese Edam and chocolate egg tarts by Fion Lee

Pineapple tarts by Elsie Lee

Golden choux with Custard Whipped Cream by Goh NgaiLeng

Kok Chai by Serena Ng

Potato Curry Puffs by Charmaine Jane Yong

Almond Sugar Puff Pastry by Yvonne Mah

Pong Piah/ Heong Peang,/马蹄 酥/fragrant pastry by Adeline Siau

Apple strudel by Sharon Foo