Beer-like Apple Juice Jelly by Chan Lai Ying

Sweet Corn Custard Pudding by May Chong

豆花 / Jelly Beancurd by Jeslin Chua

Soya bean pudding by Joyce Loke

Strawberry Jelly Slice by Lily Guee

Beer-Like Apple Juice Jelly by Kymn Lee

Mango with strawberry agar agar by Jeannie Lee

Beer jelly by Ng Sook Lin

龙眼 with rose syrup + agar agar balls by Vivien Chan

Mango yoghurt agar agar with lychee by Angela Titbits Ho

Mango & Cream Jelly by Goh NgaiLeng

Yuzu Steamed Milk Pudding by Pris Wang

Soy Milk + Milo agar agar mooncakes by WaiWai Leung

Agar Agar Jelly Mooncakes by Joyce Ang

Halloween Eyeball Jelly by Clara Fu

Pomegranate Milk Jelly ( 石榴鲜奶果凍 ) by Kris Lim

'Pot of Gold' Jelly by Remz Valde

Gula Melaka Jelly by Suri Aziz

Gula Melaka Agar Agar by Yvonne Mah

桂花马蹄糕 osmanthus chestnut cake by Kitty Pinkypiggy