Six Reasons Why You Should Include Superfood Ginger in Your Diet

A wonderful ingredient that can enliven any dish immediately, ginger is often used in cooking to impart a spicy and refreshing note. However, do you know that ginger promises many health benefits as well? Here are the reasons why ginger needs to be in your diet.

Ginger can alleviate nausea
According to a review of 12 studies involving over 1,270 pregnant women, 1.5 grams of ginger can help reduce the symptoms of nausea. Whether it is motion sickness from the public commute or pregnancy-related nausea, ginger is a great remedy.

It can relieve muscle pain and soreness
Are you a fitness buff? Research has shown that drinking ginger can significantly reduce post-workout muscle ache and soreness. Replace your usual expensive health supplements with this cheap and all-natural ingredient!

Osteoarthritis patients can experience pain relief
According to Arthritis Research UK, a trial involving 247 patients living with knee osteoarthritis revealed that 63 per cent of patients who consumed 255mg of ginger capsules twice a day for six months experienced significant knee pain reduction.

Ginger can help with chronic indigestion
The ingredient can help to empty the stomach, so it is an ideal beverage to enjoy during a feast or buffet. For those who suffer from stomach-related discomfort, ginger can help to provide quick relief.

Ginger can help you manage your cholesterol levels
A trial study has revealed that consuming three-gram ginger capsules three times a day has a significant lipid-lowering effect. Forty-five patients subscribed to this routine for a span of 45 days, and they managed to lower their triglyceride, cholesterol, low density lipoprotein as well as very low density lipoprotein levels.

Build up your constitution
Are you prone to falling sick? Gingerol, the bioactive substance in ginger, can safeguard you against numerous infections. It is especially effective against inflammatory diseases in the gum, such as gingivitis and periodontitis.

Convenient way to enjoy ginger – Gingen Instant Ginger Drink is No. 1 in Asia
Since its launch, Gingen Instant Ginger Drink has been a huge hit amongst families. This invigorating beverage, which can be enjoyed hot or cold, helps with digestion. Boasting a Halal certification, the drink can be enjoyed by customers of all ethnicities.

Gingen Instant Ginger Drink is made with white ginger, which is found in northern Thailand. This region is known for its excellent source of soil, climate and atmosphere. These factors help farmers grow the best-quality gingers. The gingers used in the Gingen Instant Ginger Drink are of 12 months old — the prime age to use and harvest its properties. Gingers are widely used as remedies for indigestion, motion as well as morning sickness.

The beverage has a very high ginger concentration. 10kg of fresh ginger is used to make 1kg of ginger extract — one sip is all it takes to stimulate the senses. It contains no preservatives or artificial colourings. Easy to prepare, it makes a convenient way to include ginger in your everyday meals and diet.

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