Pandan Kaya by Sheryl Lim

I used 9 egg yolks, 320g coconut milk, 40g concentrated pandan juice and 110g sugar.

Concentrated pandan juice:
Cut, blend and squeeze a bunch of pandan leaves with a little water. Collect about 60 ml then leave it in fridge for the concentrated pandan juice to settle at the bottom. Pour away the top watery part of the pandan juice to get about 40 ml.

Kaya's recipe:
I used medium fire to heat up coconut milk, sugar and Pandan juice first. Once there are some bubbles at the sides, cease fire and take some of the mixture out spoon by spoon to mix with whisked egg yolks. Mix well and add back to the coconut milk mixture. Then on small fire, stir continuously till the kaya is thickened. If your kaya cuddles, blend it to form smooth paste. The whole process was about 1 hour.

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