Fish & Chips by Amelia Renee Lim

(Recipe based on estimation)

1 cup self raising flour
1 cup cold beer (any beer of ur choice)
Salt pepper
Fish fillet (barramundi, haddock, cod or any type u like)

Marinate fish with salt n pepper for 1hr

Mix SR flour + cold beer+ 1/2tsp salt until no lump

Coat fish into batter, transfer to panko then set aside for 15mins
Heat oil medium fire on pan enough to cover e fish
Repeat coating batter + panko then straight into frying pan..
Fry till golden brown or slightly brown

Truffle wedges
Cut potato into thick cut, boil for 20mins, drain, before deep fry e fish, put e wedges n fry for 15mins, put on kitchen towel, fry again after for 5 mins high fire after u done with e fish to get it crisp n brown, put e wedges on a mixing bowl, add in pinch of salt & truffle oil, flip flip flip e bowl to mix.

Prepare tartar sauce, add truffle oil n mix well, u will lick it clean..