Home-made otah by Christina Kwan

• 1 pkt mak nyonya rendang premix paste
• 1/3 pkt coconut milk
• 300g prawns (to your desire)
• 1 egg
• sugar and salt to taste
• a few pieces of cut banana leaves

PS: Premix paste can be a little spicy for some so please add sugar if you cannot take spicy food.

- mix all the wet ingredients together to form a paste (except the prawns). If the paste is too wet, do thicken with a little rice flour to a thick consistency.

- spread abt 2 tbspn paste on the banana leaf and top with a prawn and secure with tooth picks.

- Grill/ pan fry the otah on both sides to ensure even cook will do.

- I steam the rest of my otah bcuz i was too lazy to peng/turn the leaves.

Have fun and bon appetite!

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