Braised ee fu noodles by Michelle Heng

Ingredients (serves 3)
1 pkt Ee Fu Noodles (4 blks in a pkt)
1 can straw mushrooms
1/2 can button mushrooms
6-8 pcs shiitake mushrooms
2 tbsp oyster sauce
2 tbsp shao xing wine
1/2 tbsp soy sauce
100ml chicken stock
4 tbsp oil

1. Cut straw mushrooms into halves (or quarters), set aside.
2. Slice button mushrooms, set aside.
3. Soften dried shiitake mushrooms, cut them into slices. Do not discard mushroom water.
4. Heat up oil in wok and fry all the mushrooms till soft.
5. Add in chicken stock and all the sauces, mix well.
6. Submerge noodles as much as possible in braising sauce. If not enough water add the shiitake mushroom water (little at a time) and stew the noodles till they are al dente.
8. There should be little braising sauce coating the noodles when done.
7. Bon appetit!

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