Red Velvet cupcake w/ cream cheese frosting by Fiona Ong

Red Velvet Cupcake - I used Betty Crocker's premix

For this frosting I used-
1 x 8oz Philly cream cheese (1 bar)
113gm butter
2 cups icing sugar
1 tsp vanilla essence

Leave cream cheese and butter out to soften at room temp.
Whisk them together till well blended. Then add in vanilla essence n continue beating till all mixed in. All in some icing sugar n mix on low speed till all incorporated then turn on high (otherwise you will have an explosion of icing sugar all over ur kitchen), repeat till all used up.

If you want to you can do buttercream frosting or whipped cream frosting, you can also add raspberry jam or strawberry jam to flavor n color your frosting. Cream cheese is typical for red velvet n carrot cake.

Ganache is another awesome tasting frosting. Its also very easy and basically adding chocolate to heated heavy cream (whipping cream). You can google online.. the possibilities are endless!

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