Otah by David Lim

Ingredients:1) 1kg of ‘Ba-tan’ Fish / ’Bear-Kar’ Fish / ‘Sai-toh’ Fish
2) 1kg of Shelled Prawns (Cut into half)
3) 1kg of Cuttlefish ( Cleaned and cut into small pieces)
4) 500g of Onions
5) 150g of Garlic
6) 300g of Bacarus
7) 3 stalks of Lemon-Grass
8) 1 Blue Ginger and Yellow Ginger, skinned and pound.
9) 3 tablespoon of Coriander Powder
10) 1kg of grated Coconut (Juice it)
11) 2 tablespoon of Sugar, Salt, and MSG (dash)
12) 3 Large pieces of Banana Leaf

Methods:1. Heat up oil, fry pounded ingredients till fragrant.
2. Mix the seafood into the fried ingredients in a pot until well-blend.
3. Add in the sugar, salt, and MSG. Mix well.
4. Add in the coconut milk.
5. Wash banana leaf and cut to smaller pieces
6. Wrap the mixture in banana leaf
7. Grill or steam 10~15 mins or till cooked.