Mee hoon kueh & Fu chuk fish paste by Lena Lai

Dough : Wheat flour abt 300gm, an egg n water (agak). Knead till I get a firm dough just like bread dough. I used Thermomix to knead the dough. Then cover with damp cloth n put into the fridge for at least an hour. Fill 2 pots of water, one for boiling the mee Hoon kueh n another to soak the mee hoon kueh before boiling. Take out the dough. Make into long cylinder form (just pull it long n dun need to shape like making bread buns). Use a scissors to cut the dough into the pot for soaking. After 5 mins, take out a pc n stretch it to the thickness u wanted. Put it into the hot boiling water. Boil till all the kueh float. Then blanch into cool water. Drain dry n put into the broth together with the vege (in Cantonese we call it shee cai Choy- not sure wat it is call in mandarin, a must for pan mee). Boil the kueh n vege for awhile. Done.

Fu chuk fish paste - fish paste n spring onions, pinch of pepper (dun need salt as it is salty enuf when u make the paste, u actually need salt to blend into the paste n to make the paste surface glossy, wet ur hand with salt water, paste won't stick to ur hand n it will become glossy). Use a fu chuk, spread the paste on it, fold the fu chuk. Then pan fry till half cook. Just before serving, AF for 5-7 mins at 180 degrees. Use a scissors to cut into stripes.

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