Chilli Clams by Lily Teo

1. Flower clams 500g
2. Minced garlic 5-6 cloves
3. Fresh tomato slices
4. Ginger thumb size slices thinly
5. Tomato Ketchap 3-4 tbsp
6. Sambal belachan chilli 3 tbsp (adjust to your preference)
7. Fish sauce - a few dashes
8. Sugar 2 tsp
9. 1 egg beaten
10. Coriander and Chilli
11. Water


1. Wash flower clam to clear the sand. A few times more if its very sandy.

2. Add 1 tbsp flour to the water and continue to soak the flower clams for another 20-30 mins.

Drain and wash a few more times until strong smell is gone.
Drain and remove those clams that are opened. They are spoilt.

3. To a heated wok, pour some oil and fry ginger till frangrant. Add minced garlic and continue frying till golden brown.

4. Add clams. Turn up the heat and fry another few minutes. Do not overcook.

5. Add tomato slices, ketchup, sambal belachan Chilli, sugar and fish sauce. Add a little water. Taste and adjust seasoning according to your preference.

6. Finally beat an egg and pour into the mixture. Stir slightly and serve after garnishing with lots of coriander and slices chilli.