Sambal Belacan by Joyce Loke

small onion 150g
garlic 75g
dried shrimp 100g
dry chili 150g
Belacan 1-inch wide size
500 ml of water (all in the blender and blend it until soft ) * if blend not enough water can add some water

sugar 50g ( but i put 80g)
oil 375g
salt ( appropriate amount ,because the shrimp already salty

1. in saucepan of oil, oil heat, put the material A in the pan.
2. After you can hear the sound " pop,pop" like bubble,turn to low fire flame
3. Add sugar and salt and cook until peppers change color, stirring constantly, about 15 minutes, and give it a try, it would be nice.

* If can't eating very spicy food friends, can add some sugar.
** Suitable for accompanying fried rice noodles to eat, fried kangkung,sotong, steamed fish , curry chicken ( of course i have add some curry powder cook together)