Pandan Kaya by Sheryl Lim

Recipe from:
- I follow the recipe in Nonya cooking but made the following modifications :

a) increase natural pandan extract from 10 ml to 40 ml. You will need a bunch of pandan leaves. I prefer more natural pandan flavour.

b) I added a quarter teaspoon of pandan paste to enhance the taste and colour. Add slowly and see if you like the colour. Note that the colour will darken when thicken. See my photos. I use Poepoe pandan paste which I bought from Seng Siong.

c) Sugar is a little too much so can cut down a little say 10%? Not too much as kaya is meant to be sweet.

d) once kaya is cooked and thickened, I blend it for a smoother paste, otherwise texture is a bit rough.

This portion made about 2 Lee Kum Kee type of medium sized bottles. I understand home-made Kaya can be kept in the fridge for 2 months. No preservatives added so I guess we can't keep too long. In any case, these two bottles should be finished before 2 months!

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