Salted Eggs with Spare Ribs by Alice Pang

1/2 kg pork ribs
1/4tsp salt,
1/2tsp soya sauce,
1/2 tsp oyster sauce
1/2tsp sesame oil
1/2tsp hua tiao jiu
dash of Pepper

1) Marinate all above and with 1/2 beaten egg and 1/2tsp of corn flour. Leave in the fridge for 2hrs. Steam for 20 mins.
2) Marinate the cooked spare ribs with 1/2 egg & 3-4tbsp corn flour and deep fry. 2 salted egg yolk only (smash the yolk), 2 chilli padi, some curry leaves
3) In the wok put 1 tsp of oil on small frame and fry the yolk, put in the curry leaves and chilli padi add some chicken powder add some evaporated milk. Off frame and pour in the ribs. And serve.
Hope you all will like it:)