Homemade Garlic Butter Spread by Kelly Ng

Ingredients :
1 ) Butter (I make 1 block of 250g each time, you may use half block)
*if you use salted butter then no need to add salt or just add a bit. However if you use unsalted butter, you need to add about 1.5 teaspoon or more, please add bit by bit, adjust acc to your taste.
2) Garlic, I don't have specific amount but I used a lot because my kids simply like it. chopped until very fine unless you like coarse type, it's all individual choice. After washed, use kitchen towel to pat dry.
3) English parsley, I use leaves only, same as garlic chopped until very fine unless you like it coarse. After wash, use kitchen towel to pat dry so it won't spoil the butter.

A) In a Bowl, use spoon/fork to mix well all 3 ingredients. If you use unsalted butter, try out with 1 teaspoon of salt, use your hand sprinkle the salt evenly and then mix again then test the butter if the taste suits you.
B) Keep the butter in a clean container and keep in fridge. Should able to last for 2 weeks but mine always not able to last for more than a week.

Usually I will split the garlic butter into 2 to 3 small container so each time only take out of one container about 15 minutes before use it for spread. So the rest can keep fresh.

Ensure your garlic and parsley leaves are as dry as possible so the butter can keep longer.

有盐或无盐牛油 (我用一块250g的牛油,你也可以用一半,看自己需要)
蒜蓉 (没有一定的分量,喜欢多就放多点), 剁成细末
洋香菜,取叶子而已 (看自己喜欢多少), 剁成细末

1) 把三种材料参在一起。用铁汤匙或叉搅拌均匀。
2) 如果你用无盐牛油,这时就放入适量的幼盐调味,先放一点慢慢试味道,不然太咸。
3) 放入干净的塑料盒储存。 通常可以放两个星期把。但我的通常没有办法耐到两个星期。哈哈