Rice Cooker Claypot Chicken Rice by Margaret Goh

3 cups rice + 3 cups water
2 Chinese sausages (remove casing & sliced)
1 big chicken breast or 2-3 deboned whole thigh meat (diced)
Dried Chinese mushrooms (soaked till soft & sliced)

(1) Cook rice in rice cooker
(2) Meanwhile put chicken, mushrooms & Chinese sausages together in a bowl and season with 2 tbsp. oyster sauce, 2-3 tbsp. light soya sauce, 4-5 tbsp. of hua tiao jiu (Chinese cooking wine), 2 tsp sugar, some white pepper & black soys sauce for colouring (adjust amount according to preference for colour)
(3) when rice is half cooked, place (2) above on top of the rice to cook
(4) when rice is cooked, stir & mix rice and ingredients together. Cover the rice cooker and let the heat cook it further till the rice is dryer.